Looking for Affordable and Reliable Polyester Packaging Foam in CT?

Polyester foams are similar to polyurethane foams in appearance, range of densities, and firmness. Polyesters are softened and specified in applications that call for a higher degree of chemical resistance. Esters can withstand stretching and tearing due to excellent physical properties of tensile, tear and elongation. The cell structure of esters is finer and the result is a more uniform appearance.

At Foam Products LLC, we can custom design and prototype polyester packaging foam to suit all kinds of requirements. From polyester foam sheets to protect small parts and pieces to packaging foam intended to insulate or protect your own organization’s products during storage and transportation, Foam Products can fabricate polyester products to your specified order.

They are available in densities from 2 to 4 pcf and are made in bun, roll or sheet foams.

This foam is known for its cushioning, compressibility, flexibility, light weight, mildew resistance and low thermal conductivity.

If you have any questions regarding our polyester products or if you would like to discuss your foam packaging needs with an expert, please contact us at 203-380-6660 today.