Packaging Solutions

Stock Cases

Listed Below are some of the options that we have for stock plastic cases! The style and type of case are determined by the item to be enclosed, the amount of protection necessary, length of reusability, and value of the product you are enclosing within. Let us help you determine the type of case necessary for your use. There is a large selection of stock sizes available that can be customized with foam interiors.

Blow Molded Cases

Blow molded cases are designed to protect and transport your valuable products. We can customize the interior of your case with foam to cushion and secure your product during transit. These cases ae made from high-density polyethylene plastic an offer double-wall construction for added protection.

Vacuum Formed Cases

Vacuum formed cases provide a more cost effective, durable, light weight solution. They are available in a multitude of styles and colors.

Roto Molded Cases

Roto molded cases are durable and lighter than traditional heavy-duty plastic cases. They are produced from a resign that is heated and rotated inside a mold. These cases afford superior protection for your product, are air and water tight, highly impact resistant, and most can be locked. Traditionally only black, grey, yellow, and orange are available from stock.


Below you will find a listing of types of boxes available to you!

Within each category of boxes there are many types and styles to choose from, they can be used for shipping, retail, or industrial use. Allow us to walk you through the process of choosing the correct style and type of box for your product.

Folding Boxes

Folding boxes are simple and clean along with offering a good value. They are easily adaptable for retail applications such as golf ball boxes, shirt, boxes, git boxes, and candy boxes. They can be produced in many grades and colors of paperboard along with being printed in full color.

Set Up Boxes

Set up boxes are sometimes known as a rigid paper box or hat box. Typically, they come in two pieces and cannot be broken down to ship flat. They can be manufactured in many styles and colors with custom logos to add a premium touch your product.

Plastic Corrugated Boxes

Plastic corrugated boxes are for reusable and returnable packaging. They are resistant to tearing and crushing.They can be screen printed or labeled and can be fabricated easily into almost any shape by using an inexpensive steel rule die. They are easy to clean, dust free, and available in a variety of colors. Contact us to design one for your product.

Corrugated Boxes

Protection, customization options, light weight, and cost effective are all benefits of corrugated packaging. Its multi-layered design provides a stable cushion that keeps products safe during transportation and handling. Corrugated also provides a durable barrier between your products and any outside moisture, keeping them dry on the road.Corrugated board can be customized in a number of ways. From thickness and size to graphics and shapes, businesses can control almost every aspect of the corrugated board to suit their needs.Its design can be customized easilymaking it one of the most cost-effective options. There’s no need for costly labor, expensive tools or unnecessary bulk. Corrugated boxes can also be recycled and reused if needed.

Contact our experts for guidance on choosing the proper case or box for your product!203-380-6660